Tenant Move-In Information

Preparation for Check-In:

Obtain Renters Insurance: In accordance with the lease agreement (Paragraph 19) we will need a copy of your renter insurance. Both the property owner AND Patriot Properties, will need to be included on your insurance as additional insured. We require proof of insurance 48 hours before your check-in time or that appointment may be delayed or cancelled.

Set Up Utilities: It's important for you to set up your utility service as soon as possible. Many companies have a delay between the time service is requested and the date it is actually turned on. In addition, in the event of any issues in turning on the utilities, it may take time for us to assist you in resolving any problems. Check-In inspections will not be postponed or cancelled due to a lack of utility service. We will attempt to provide you with the utility companies in your area. Here is a sheet that provides contact information for many local utility companies.

Contact the Association: Many homes in Northern Virginia are in Homeowner and/or Condominium Associations. As part of your lease you are required to abide by all rules and regulations of the individual associations. As part of this, we request that all new tenants contact the association in order to determine if there is anything required from, this will also allow the association to update their contact information to prevent any surprises from occurring. We will provide you with the association contact information when we send over your signed lease to you.

Check In Inspection:

Obtaining the Keys: When you arrive for your check-in inspection you will be provided your keys to the property once you pay your first months rent. The inspector on site will collect your rent check from you (all first month rent payments MUST be made in certified funds).

Purpose of the Check-In Inspection: The purpose of the check-in inspection that we conduct is two fold. The first part of the inspection is to acquaint you with the property and point out important features and items such as: water shutoff valves, circuit breakers, furnace filter locations, etc. The second portion of the inspection is to document the condition of the property upon your possession of the property. We take full pictures of the property in addition to completing a written report. By recording the property's condition in this level of detail we are able to protect both your interest and the landlords interest in the property.

Back to Back Moves: In many cases, we will move one tenant out of a property the last day of a month and move a new tenant in the next day. In the majority of all moves, we do not have any problems with this arrangement. However, there are cases where the outbound tenant does not perform as expected and certain aspects of the property may not meet expectations. Unfortunately it is outside of our control to prevent this from happening, however we will do everything we can to correct this situation to your satisfaction.

Expectations of Property Condition: As stipulated in the rental application as well as the lease agreement, all properties are leased in an "as is" condition. We require all tenants to professionally clean all carpets and to clean the property among other items. At this time we do not require the property to be professionally cleaned. We are happy to address your concerns regarding the property however we can not guarantee or promise that all requests will be met.

Following Check-In:

Following your check-in, you have 5 days to review the property and send us any concerns you have. These concerns will be reviewed and added to your move-in report. In addition we are also happy to address your concerns and we want you to be satisfied with your new home.

The manager you meet at your check-in will typically be your point of contact for all maintenance concerns throughout the course of your lease. You are also welcome to contact our office at any time if you have additional questions or concerns. If you call our office after hours, you will be directed to our emergency maintenance line where we have a manager available 24 hours a day.