Property Location: Ashburn

Owner Location: Returned to Property.

Thanks Dave.  It was nice talking to you yesterday.  I appreciate your advice, assistance, and your offer to loan me tools if needed.  You certainly know the business and I benefit from solving and anticipating issues based on your experiences with the various properties you manage.

I have been with you guys since 1992 when I purchased the house and have nothing but positive experiences.  You guys are true professionals and have been extremely caring and helpful.  Having you here to look after the house enabled me to focus fully on my job protecting the homeland without being distracted by issues here.  Be assured that if I have to rent again or decide to sell I'll be calling you guys again, and I won't hesitate to recommend you to any colleague looking for professional property management.  You guys are the best!


Property Location: Sterling

Owner Location: Midwest

I have been using Patriot Properties management services for over the past ten years, and have always been completely satisfied.

We have retained them to perform marketing, tenant screening, repairs/maintenance, lease renewals, rent collections and bill payment services. On several occasions they have provided on site no notice inspections and dealings with challenging tenants. Also they have provided rehabilitation services that have been accomplished on budget, in a timely manner.

There real estate services are excellent and are highly recommendable to any owner who wants to earn maximum value for their property. They are realistic on what the value is of your property and the condition of the property.

There communication with the owner and tenants is outstanding. I'm happy to recommend the services of Patriot Properties. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Property Location: Ashburn, Leesburg& Purcellville

Owner Location: Local

Dear Mr. Mysak:

I am writing this letter to sincerely thank you and your staff for your efforts in managing all of my properties in Ashburn, Leesburg and Purcellville. As you know, I am extremely busy, so taking on the challenges of the numerous responsibilities that come with dealing with other homes is the last thing I have time to worry about.

From the moment I became your client, you have been highly focused on supporting me in making decisions that are in my best interest with regard to my rentals. Your devotion, experience and professionalism have prevented me from having any vacancies in the entire four years that you have been managing my properties. That is an incredible achievement, particularly with the fluctuations in the real estate market.

I would also like to thank James Nelson for his recent help in overseeing the needed renovations to one of my homes. He continues to stay in close contact with me and keep me up to date while sheltering me from having to deal with sub-contractors and legal issues.

Due to your valuable efforts and my resulting trust in you, I am able to enjoy the perks of owning multiple properties in Northern Virginia, while maintaining a completely hands off approach.

Once again thank you so much for all of your support throughout the years.

Lisa and William

Property Location: Leesburg

Owner Location: Overseas

Maintenance Emergency

Thanks for this email and your call James. Really appreciate the speed and efficiency with which Patriot dealt with this. Could you also pass along to our tenants that we are grateful that they caught it and contacted you all so fast.


Property Location: Ashburn

Owner Location: West Coast

I am pleased to recommend David Mysak and the entire staff at Patriot Properties, Inc. for anyone considering using their services.

I first met David in 2006 when I was looking to hire a new property management company for my rental condo I own in Ashburn, VA.I was impressed with his policies, his intelligence and his commitment to excellent service.

Patriot Properties has been handling my property ever since. Any difficulties have been handled quickly, efficiently, competently, cost effectively, and completely. If I could have Dave and his company handle all my properties (I own in several other states), I would be a happy investor.

Do not hesitate – hire these people!You will not regret it.


Property Location: Aldie, Lorton, &Chantilly

Owner Location: Local

Dave Mysak and Patriot Properties have been the comprehensive Real Estate trusted advisor to me and my family for the past decade. Their experience, professionalism, mind share, market knowledge, and quality of service have been valuable and resulted in extremely profitable outcomes!

The rental market can be unpredictable however Dave has always been able to secure good tenants for my properties and does it in very short order. I never experienced vacancies and always saw the expected monthly rents arrive on time. This is the result of knowing how to structure rents with an understanding of market conditions and efficient tenant screening/management.

On occasion, Dave has mediated difficult tenant issues but always looks out for his client’s best interest. He has a fair approach to resolving problems and communicates potential land mines w/ tenants and properties pro-actively.

In addition, Dave has been able to provide sound advice around short sales and loss mitigation. It's a comprehensive solution that makes Patriot Properties the best Management Company in the Region... I would recommend them unreservedly.


Property Location: Ashburn and Leesburg

Owner Location: Local

We have been using Patriot Properties since 2007 and have been nothing but pleased with their service. They take care of the headaches of renting a property so that we don t have to deal with it. The owner is a wealth of knowledge on the housing market and is always available to give his opinion. We certainly would not have continued renting our property were it not for the great service that these property managers provide - and at a fare rate might I add.


Property Location: Sterling

Owner Location: Local

Patriot Properties has always been timely, professional and honest in our business relationship. If there is an issue with the house or the tenant I have found their responses to be returned in a courteous, timely fashion. Their executive staff is thoughtful and honest.

Their administrative functions such as cash distribution and contractor work have always been thorough and professionally coordinated. I believe Patriot to be an honest and hard working business who care about their clients and their clients' investment.

I would recommend anyone who owns rental property to consider Patriot Properties as the management company.


Property Location: Tysons, Sterling, Ashburn

Owner Location: Local

I have worked with Patriot properties for a few years.

They are honest. It’s easy too communicate with them.

They are always available and everything is done right the first time.

I would strongly recommend Patriot.


Property Location: Ashburn

Owner Location: Singapore

Relocating to Asia put me exactly on the other side of the world from my home in Ashburn, VA.  I could not afford to chase down renters who pay late or not at all.  I needed the peace of mind to take on my new job assignment without worrying about whether my house would be looked after and I would be paid on time.

Patriot's' owner-friendly' guidelines ensured I found highly qualified tenants who haven ever missed a payment.  Patriot's recommendations on market pricing, and qualified tenants is always based on sound research and experience.  I would not trust my house to anyone else."


Property Location: Bluemont

Owner Location: Frequently travels

Hi Dave

Thanks much for the speedy reply, explanation, & news (from Cathy) that new, recommended renters have been found. I realize now that the heads up email from Patriot I received several days ago was probably the break-lease letter. I'm in India & not always able to check my email thoroughly, so I'm sure the info was sent. I'll keep an eye out for info on the new renters. Appreciate the fine job you folks are doing. It's a relief!


Property Location: Reston

Owner Location: Local

To whom it may concern,

Patriot Properties has managed my rental condo since 2006 and I could not be happier with the service they have provided. Patriot Properties makes being a landlord, a completely hands off process. They handle finding the tenants, screening them, collecting the rent, handling move-in and move out, and deal with all of the day to day activities that are involved in owning rental properties. All I have to do is sit back and wait for my rent checks to come in.

In addition, Dave and Cindy (the owners of Patriot Properties), have a great deal of local real estate knowledge. Each year when my tenant's lease is up for renewal, they provide me with their recommendations on whether or not to renew the lease with the current tenant, and what the going rates for rentals in the area are. Based on their recommendations, I feel confident that I am getting the maximum possible return out of my property. I know that I am not pricing my property too low and losing out on rental income, or pricing it too high and having it sit vacant for months waiting for a tenant.

One particular example stands out to me of the excellent level of service that Patriot provides. In 2008 the condo unit above my unit had a pipe burst and there was some water damage in my unit as well. This would have been a nightmare for me to deal with if I was managing my own property, but with Patriot Properties I didn't have to worry about anything. They relocated my tenant to a hotel for a few nights, arranged for all of the repairs for my condo, and handled all of the dealing with the other unit owner's insurance company to pay for the costs. All in all, this entire incident didn't cost me a penny out of pocket.

I cannot recommend Patriot Properties highly enough. In the 6 years that I have worked with them, I feel that I have made more money with less stress and less work than if I had tried to manage my property myself