Guarantees – Protections – Referrals

Eviction Protection: We provide an iron clad guarantee that if we recommend a tenant to you and that tenant requires eviction, there will not be a charge for any of our time. We will coordinate every aspect of the eviction on your behalf.

In almost all cases, evictions are the result of faulty screening or low tenant qualifying standards. Our screening systems and qualification standards are so effective that we offer FREE Eviction Protection.

Rent Guarantee: Tenants we recommend pay their rent 99% of the time. We automatically expedite the distribution of your rent proceeds, without charge, every month, and guarantee your rent proceeds will be sent to you via electronic means on the first business banking day following the fifth day of the month.

Referral Program: We very much appreciate your business and ask you share your experiences with others who may be in need of our services. As a thank you, we will provide you one month’s free management services for each new client you refer to us.